A piece by Max Dax

Max Dax, former chief editor of Spex and Electronic Beats, was so kind to write a few words on our festival. We hope you enjoy to read them as much as we did:

A weekend in December, a stage in Berlin-Mitte and 14 musical performances oscillating between the poles of revitalized classical music, electroacoustic pop and folk form the coordinates of a music festival that is so thrilling, so coherent and so much more uptodate than the otherwise long-unquestioned mode of festivals that one can speak of a potentially groundbreaking musical event for Berlin.

André de Ridder – the Berlin-based conductor and founder of the trailblazing and internationally acclaimed stargaze ensemble – found himself wondering why in Germany, and especially in Berlin, there was not a curated festival in the spirit of All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP): Rather than being a mere musical showcase, such a festival could seek moments of epiphany, illumination and enlightenment – requiring an arc that is larger, carefully curated and not clouded by compromise. Continue reading “A piece by Max Dax”


Playing Bach with Cantus Domus

On the first day of the festival we’re welcoming our dear friends from Cantus Domus to play Bach with us. Those pretty people with their angelic voices will make the evening perfect, we can’t wait! stargaze will be joined by special guest James McVinnie by the way and our musicians are Jeffrey Bruinsma, Mayah Kadish, Ildiko Ludwig, Tilman Kanitz, Lisa De Boos, Aart Strootman, Maaike van der Linde, Marlies van Gangelen, Morris Kliphuis and Ausiàs Garrigós Morant.